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Aston Menu 2.0.0

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1Aston Menu 2.0.0 Empty Aston Menu 2.0.0 on Thu May 06, 2010 5:11 pm

Aston Menu 2.0.0 | 10.95 Mb

Aston Menu is a feature-rich Windows start menu replacement with the enhanced functionality. Absolutely all Aston Menu elements are skinnable and can be animated, which makes it yet more attractive. It can be populated with many useful widgets like Clock, Calendar, Recycle bin, Disks, Search, Toplist, Weather and others. Aston Menu provides fast and convenient search for files on local disks and for information in the Internet. Aston Menu can be used both in Aston 1.x shell (staring from 1.9.5 version) and in Explorer shell - there is no need to give up the habitual surroundings in order to use the new menu!

Aston Menu Features:

Themes and skins support - State-of-the-art skinning engine allows amazing effects and usage of skins of mind-blowing beauty and style.
Widgets support - widgets enhance the start menu beauty and productivity even more. This version contains the following widgets: Calendar, Clock, Disks, Keyboard Switcher, Launch bar, Notebook, Notification area, Power control, Quick Launch, Recycle bin, Resource monitor, RSS reader, Search, Start button, Task list, Toolbar, Top Programs, Username, Weather and WinSwitch. Widgets can be built into the start menu or panels.
Fast and convenient search for files on local disks and for information in the Internet
Flexible configuration. Every element of the start menu can be tweaked and customized, thus letting one create yet more convenient working area. The same refers to Aston Panels and Aston Desktop.
Animation support in every aspect of Aston: smooth widgets opening and moving, animated skins, animated icons and other elements of skinned widgets.
Sound effects for Menu.
Unicode support.
Multi-language support
Easy switch - Switching to Aston Menu is easy because it incorporates all the things you are already familiar with from regular Windows start menu, therewith Aston Menu offers much more.
64-bit systems support
and much more ...

Aston Planned features:
Aston Skin WYSIWYG-like Editor (a tool for skin creation/editing).
Widget Palette (a tool which will allow adding widgets easily by means of drag'n'drop).
Script support: widgets are planned to be able to support scripts.
Additional Widgets: RSS-news, currency info, battery state (for laptop computers), other useful trifles (notes, stickers, mail checker).
Video hardware accelerator effects support.

Supported languges:
Chinese simplified
Portuguese (Brazilian)
Portuguese (European)

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