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The Foundry NukeX v6.0V5 (x32/x64) Win/Mac

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1 The Foundry NukeX v6.0V5 (x32/x64) Win/Mac on Sat May 29, 2010 12:54 am

The Foundry NukeX v6.0V5 (x32/x64) Win/Mac | 314 MB

NukeX - a high-level software for compositing and special effects, created by artists to solve problems arising during the process kinovideoproizvodstva. The program is used in processing, the imposition of effects, final assembly and other video footage and film material, to create commercials, as well as for other tasks. The product is a clear representative of the nodes of architecture, which explains its clarity and consistency. The package started out as its own development studio Digital Domain, where he received an Academy Award for technical achievement and was used to create effects in more than 45 feature films, hundreds of commercials and music videos. The package provides high performance-based 64-channel TCL architecture combined with a broad arsenal of tools, unprecedented for a class of desktop systems.
NukeX includes all features Nuke and additionally has a built-in 3D camera tracker, depth generator, tools for automatic and correct lens distortion, and also includes FurnaceCore - flicker filter.

Working in 3D environment
A three-dimensional workspace Nuke supports the import of objects format OBJ, projection (projection mapping), the import of 3D cameras and more.

64-channel OpenEXR workflow
Nuke fully supports EXR: reading, processing and recording up to 64 channels of EXR data.

New Keier based on image (image based keyer - IBK) gives an opportunity to control colors in a new way, namely, individual work with each color channel. Thus began perhaps the most fine-tuning.

Customizable Interface
Saving configurations, interface customization and enhancement tools, such as a button "bullseye" and "input", as well as the TCL label sites make it much easier navigation of large scripts.

Even when processing high-definition material at a modest hardware with 32-bit floating-point scan-line multi-threaded architecture provides fast response. When it comes to rendering, Nuke safely be called a leader in its class.

Nuke supports the principle of maximum open architecture. As scenarios, and user interface based on the scripting language TCL, which allows to customize a package in countless ways. Moreover, the kit includes the SDK.

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2 Re: The Foundry NukeX v6.0V5 (x32/x64) Win/Mac on Sat May 29, 2010 12:55 am

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